eKrishi Crop Advisory

The main objective is to provide a web and mobile based end-to-end Support Services to farmers, farmers institutions and organic marketing.  eKrishi will use an online and offline model to establish comprehensive support services to farmers in terms of knowledge support.  Similarly, it will help in farmer group/Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) management, quality management of the produce and marketing. Currently we are releasing Crop Advisory app and would be releasing all the modules in the next few days.

One of the main reasons for crisis in agriculture is lack of timely and quality farm extension services. The knowledge and extension in agriculture today is highly generic and do not serve the local needs.  In the absence of quality extension, the farmers are dependent on the local input dealers and depend on them for the practices.  Costs of extension services are also becoming prohibitive and government is withdrawing from them.   In this connection we propose to develop an online application which can be accessible over mobile phones which helps the field level functionaries to have easy access to the information and knowledge.

Module I: eKrishi: Crop Advisory

  1. Sustainable Production practices: Package of practices based on the existing knowledge base for selected crops with
  2. Pest and Disease Diagnosis tool: The pests and diseases in various crops (paddy, wheat, tomato, brinjal, redgram, maize, potato and cabbage) indexed crop wise can be identified through the pictures. Once the pest is identified the user can access the management practices.
  3. Management Practices: Management practices will be indexed which can be directly accessed or through the pest index.
  4. Send a query: if the user cannot diagnose the problem, or face with a new problem send query module will help the user to collect required information and take 3 photographs to the experts and suggestions would be given in a days time and the system would be updated with the new problem and solution.
  5. Horizontal knowledge sharing: The people who are using the app can also share their learning from each other and each one can know who else in their vicinity are ready to help them
  6. Documenting innovations: Always, farmers try innovative practices to solve the problems locally, this module will help the user to document the innovations.
  7. User management: user roles are defined and managed.
  8. Glossary of terms: The main system would be in hindi and there would be glossary of terms. We are making effort to make it bilingual (with hindi and English by end of the year).
  9. Help module.

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